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What if waste...


What if 5 billion tonnes of wet biowaste per year could be carbon neutral energy, renewable chemicals, and permanently sequestered carbon?

Enoverra's low energy DeepWell Reactor safely, efficiently and cost effectively converts biowaste to easily refinable drop in carbon neutral fuels and sequestered carbon with global megaton potential.

We Are Enoverra

Our modern relationship with extracted hydrocarbons is a complex one. Extraction, emissions and by-products have left us with consequences we are only now beginning to fully appreciate. Yet our harnessing of them has provided the building blocks for pharmaceuticals which have saved countless lives, fertilizers which have allowed us to feed masses, advanced building materials which have housed humanity and even now provide the components needed to harness solar and wind energy which will power our carbon neutral future.


The transition to that future will depend on a carbon neutral source of non-extractive, renewable hydrocarbons.  Enoverra's patent pending process can be locally deployed at large scale within a small footprint efficiently converting 5 billion tonnes of wet biowaste to valuable feedstock for biofuels, sustainable chemicals and permanently sequestered carbon.


And we do it using abandoned oil wells and existing oil and gas infrastructure. 

Scalable. Profitable. Impactful. 


Partnered With

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Biowaste.  Bioenergy.  Carbon Neutrality.



5 billion tonnes of biomass


5.4 billion tonnes of CO2. 


Most of this waste is wet.


 Really wet. 


So wet it is unsuitable for pyrolysis, gasification, and incineration and increasingly restricted from landfills until dried and often treated as hazardous.


So wet it is often left to decompose releasing not only CO2 but methane and potentially pathogens, pharmaceuticals and so called forever chemicals into the environment.


The DeepWell Reactor.  

Optimized for Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) or Hydrothermal Liquefaction (HTL) the DeepWell Reactor converts biowaste to carbon neutral fuel and permanently sequestered carbon on site, at source.



236 Million Tonnes.

That is the total amount of wet biowaste generated every year in North America and Europe alone from municipal biosolids, pulp and paper and livestock.

Over 70,000 tonnes of wet waste into 34000 bbls

of carbon neutral feedstock for biofuels, SAF and renewable chemicals,

9000 tonnes of sequestered carbon as agricultural hydrochar

and over 19,000 tonnes of carbon credits. 


From a single DeepWell Reactor. 


Compressing 60 million years into 60 minutes

The DeepWell Reactor eliminates the challenges of managing the temperature and pressure environment required by eliminating the traditional thermo-mechanical process and going deep. 

Really deep. 


Combining the extensive experience in both cleantech and oil and gas from its founders, Enoverra is repurposing abandoned oil wells to optimize existing infrastructure and natural forces to create the most energy efficient and low cost biomass conversion process. 


The DeepWell Reactor.

Connecting Carbon Neutrality and the Circular Economy.

Carbon Neutral Fuels

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Renewable Chemicals

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