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The challenge to adoption and commercialization for most decarbonization plays, air extraction, subsurface sequestration, or biowaste conversion, is economic scalability. Works great in theory but is too volume limited or too expensive for global, commercial deployment. Simply put, Enoverra has solved that problem.

The Enoverra team comprised of cleantech and oil and gas innovators with global experience from Schlumberger and Halliburton have over 35 patents, and several multi-million dollar exits behind them.

They have developed a patent-pending, scalable, hydrothermal carbonization ("HTC") and hydrothermal liquefaction (“HTL”) technology using undepletable waste biomass as feedstock. It efficiently converts waste biomass, onsite, into biocrude, renewable chemicals, and biochar with low electric energy, low CapEx, and low OpEx. This breakthrough technology provides carbon-neutral fuels and carbon sequestration on a global megatonne scale that also provides a growing need for biosolids management for the forestry, agrifood, and municipal sectors.

Green Hills

Invest in the future of scalable biowaste to biofuels and carbon sequestration. Reach out to our Investor Relations team here for a detailed presentation.

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