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Enoverra Executes US Regional Offtake Agreement for Company’s Hydrochar and Biocrude Products

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Houston, TX – 08 August 2023: Enoverra, a pioneering innovator in waste biomass management and clean energy solutions is pleased to announce the execution of a US East Coast Offtake Agreement for Hydrochar and Biocrude produced by its patent pending DeepWell Reactor technology. Though the DeepWell Reactor is in pre-commercial development, confidence and demand is extremely high to create a paradigm shift in both wet biosolids waste management and carbon neutral hydrocarbon production. Seaboard Asphalt, took the lead to become the first exclusive regional purchaser of Enoverra bioproducts.

Seaboard, a producer of over 60 brands of asphalt emulsion, roofing and construction materials has been a driving force in the industry towards decarbonization. Based in Baltimore, Maryland Seaboard will now have priority access to carbon negative Hydrochar, asphalt bio-binder and biocrude produced by the Enoverra DeepWell Reactor installations on the Eastern Seaboard of the US. With a reputation for identifying industry advancing technologies, Seaboard’s commitment to Enoverra underscores the potential and significance of the company's DeepWell Reactor technology in revolutionizing waste management and fostering industrial carbon neutrality.

In the US alone biobinder can increase the use of RAP (Recycled Asphalt Paving) in road construction from 20 to 40% creating a demand for 2.9 million tons of biobinder per year and resulting in a net savings of $217 million to the industry. Shawn Campbell, VP of Seaboard Asphalt says, “Enoverra’s biobinders have tremendous potential to decarbonize our industry while reducing costs. Biobinders have been shown to be more resilient and allows us to double the volume of recycled asphalt. That is why we are backing it.”

With the demand for agricultural Hydrochar and non-petroleum based feedstock for renewable chemicals and Sustainable Aviation Fuel expanding much faster than the capacity to produce them from traditional means the new energy sector is aggressively seeking alternatives like Enoverra’s technology. Enoverra is tapping into an inexhaustible supply of wet biosolids waste that has the capacity to alter the landscape not only of waste management but also to produce a wide variety of carbon negative products. In particular, the hydrochar from Enoverra’s process generates significantly higher yields, lower energy requirements and lower emissions while utilizing a wide range of wet biomass feedstock.

Mukesh Kapila, CEO of Enoverra, commented, "We are delighted to have Shawn and Seaboard as our partners for the East Coast. Their prominence in the industry and reputation for leading green initiatives only validates the strength of our technology but also signifies the shared commitment to addressing pressing environmental challenges."

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