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Enoverra’s CEO to Speak at 40th Annual Air and Waste Management Association IT3Conference

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

Houston, TX – 30 August 2023: Enoverra has been selected to present a technical paper on its novel approach to optimizing the Hydrothermal Carbonization (HTC) process at the 40th annual Air Waste Management Association International Thermal Treatment Technology (IT3) Conference. The event, held in Charlotte, NC, on September 13th is one of the largest events of its kind and annually convenes experts and thought leaders in waste management and clean technology from around the world.

The technical paper, co-authored with VP Technology Richard Bingham and Senior Engineer, Kieran Kapila, is titled "Pilot-Scale Thermochemical Conversion of High Water Content Waste Biomass to Hydrochar: Mass and Energy Balance, Benefits, Challenges, and Scalability." It introduces findings from Enoverra’s pioneering pilot-scale reactor designed specifically for the thermochemical conversion of high water content waste biomass solids into hydrochar and biocrude. The research, which forms the foundation of its DeepWell Reactor technology, aims to push the boundaries of current waste-to-energy technologies and provide sustainable alternatives for effective waste biomass management.

“It is a privilege to have been selected to present our research to such a broad audience of experts,“ says Mukesh Kapila, CEO and Founder “And the experience will surely create new opportunities for collaboration and technological enhancement.”

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