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Enoverra Makes The Foresight Canada List of Top 50 Investable Cleantech Companies

Vancouver, BC, November 8 - Enoverra, pioneers in the conversion of wet waste biomass into sequestered carbon and carbon neutral, drop-in feedstock for the refining of sustainable aviation fuel and renewable chemicals, is exceptionally pleased to announce its selection to the Foresight 50.

Foresight 50 highlights Canada’s most promising cleantech ventures while directly connecting these ventures with investors, customers, and partners. By fostering these relationships, Foresight 50 companies are able to raise more capital and scale their climate solutions faster.

This year’s Foresight 50 honourees were chosen from over 200 applications, reviewed by a panel of independent judges representing 37 investors and several cleantech community partners. Its judges selected the honourees based on criteria including investability, potential environmental impact, leadership and team, and probability of success.

"The ventures included in this year’s Foresight 50 are nothing short of awe-inspiring. These game-changing innovators are scaling the critical climate solutions we need to address the world's most pressing climate challenges and expedite the journey to net zero. Congratulations, and thank you for your invaluable contributions to Canadian cleantech!" — Jeanette Jackson, CEO, Foresight Canada

"This recognition comes at a particularly opportune time as we look to complete our first public funding round for the installation of DeepWell 1 in mid 2023.", remarks Mukesh Kapila, Founder. "Working with Foresight 50 and our lead investor Sage Seed Capital is a further validation that our patent pending DeepWell Reactor technology will prove to be a fundamental tool for hard to decarbonize sectors while lowering operating costs for biomass waste generators.”

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